PyPebbles Overview

PyPebbles is one of the many Tetris-like puzzle games. A board is filled with stones of different colors. Your goal is to make lines of stones of the same color. Two neighbouring stones can swap places, but only if a line of three or more stones is formed that way. Those lines will then disappear, letting other stones fall down. You score points for every line that disappears. It's that simple!


PyPebbles is written in Python and uses the Pygame library. You need to install both on your system to play PyPebbles. Current linux distributions should contain packages of both, if not or if you are using Windows or another system you will need to download Python and Pygame here:

I recommend using most current versions (Python 2.3 and Pygame 1.6) but earlier versions may also work. PyPebbles was tested on Debian GNU/Linux (unstable), Windows XP and Windows 2000. It should work on all platforms supported by Pygame. If you use it on anoher system (like a Mac) drop me a note.


So far there is no installation! Just unpack the .tar.gz-file and start the file with your Python interpreter (./ on unix, doubleclick on Windows).


Download the latest version: PyPebbles 0.1

To see all released versions, go to the Download page on Sourceforge!


Just try it! Use the mouse to drag a pebble to a neighbouring field, or click the pebble and then click the field. Press Esc to quit or just close the window.

This is an alpha version. It is a playable but not much more! Especially there is no highscore list yet, sorry! Logo PyPebbles page at freshmeat Valid CSS! Valid XHTML 1.0!